Invitation Game: Mapping Mango Trees Across the Country

Invitation Game: Mapping Mango Trees Across the Country

Seasonal changes affect variety of tree physiology such as flowering, sprouting of leaves, fruiting, changes in leaf colouration and so on. How this happens is a fascinating question to wonder. In this activity we will collect photos of most common tree e.g, Mango tree from across country, through collaborative engagement, in order to observe tree behaviour.

All that we need to do is take a photo of nearest mango tree, and report about what is happening to it once every month (whether flowering, fruiting, or none of these).

Below are photos of same Mango tree flowering & fruiting in different seasons.

Please take photo of your Mango tree and click the link below to submit the data:

Submit your queries, thoughts, experiences if any, by clicking “Reply” icon below.

You can access your data using following links in table and gallery form:

Data in a table format

Data in a gallery format

Once we collect the data at least two times for the same mango tree each month, following badges: Citizen Scientist, Data Collector, and a few other badges will be granted.

Welcome to COOOL STEM Games and discussion on the project is a major part of the games we play here.


The citizens need to know the metadata about the tree. When they want to send pics they need to inform few things about and around it.

  • Location of the tree GPS data
  • Month and Year
  • Flowering/Non-flowering
  • Fruiting/Non-fruiting

This is the link for submitting form, it asks participants to send the data. Also it has map with GPS, so they can put current location to get their location information.


Mango trees are attracting other season watchers as well.


@bivasnag @Hrushikesh @harshitabhanushali99 @rahil.bhai_007 @Lydia @Sjuday2527 looking forward to entries on mapping Mango trees from each of yours locality


@Ruchi @kajalkumari please send some entries on mango trees mapping from your locality


Loading error is shown in the link of uploading please check @jaikishan


@bivasnag please check now, it should open. Pls confirm here after you submit the data.

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Again facing the problem it is stating that the I’d has already sent one data so it already existed @jaikishan please help

What type of file? Image?


I am able to open at my end. @bivasnag pls send a screenshot if there is any problem

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Image jpg file :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

this is being shown as of now

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OK. This error is from the enketo form, not from the stem games server.

Can you slightly change the file and send it? Say the image size, or resolution. Then it will consider the image as different.

If you continue to face the problem, we will check the problem, and inform you tomorrow to check again after fixing the issue. Thanks for your patience.


Please check this again @G_N as I have changed the file and tried to upload it but it is still the same message that is being displayed

I am able to upload photo in form at my end, pls check this.

Please try uploading more different photos, there may be a problem in your photo


@anu.arunsri @magpie please visit this activity to map mango trees around you.

You can also add data of mango trees which you have already recorded.

Eagerly looking forward to entries


You are helping in testing software :grinning: COOOL


Very heavy fruiting in mango trees!
I observed about 250 out of 365 trees , took 2 hours to watch the trees.
All trees were unique with dense fruiting. 95% Trees were very short, fruits were hanging near the ground, big sized. there were ten varieties- Dasshehri, Langda, Kesar, Rajapuri, Haapus, Aamrapali, Desi, Chausa, Mallika.
Fruits were not found on 12 trees.
Specific behaviour of few trees- They flower throughout the year and give yield round the year.
There is a picture of a tree showing fruits on one hand and new flowers on other hand.
Site: Mango orchard of YARN Manufacturing plant -RSWM Limited at Baanswara in Rajasthan.
Location2355’ N and 7445’E in state of Rajasthan.
Date- June 4 2019[date=2019-06-21 timezone=“Asia/Calcutta”]


@anu.arunsri nice photos of Mango fruting…

These are photos of 4th June. Will it be fruiting now as well?
Do new fruits emerge in June end also?

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