Invitation to chat!

Invitation to chat!

We know most of you are eager to share some STEM thing around you. You can post them in the STEM Chat category.


Today we have decided the site at HBCSE for deploying our IOT Micro Weather Station . Soon pictures of weather station will be posted.


We should get the batteries opertional too.


The site we located is perfect for solar panels, so that the micro-weather station will be completely off the grid.

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Can we create separate threads for discussion in this section? @G_N

Yes where we can put our daily updates and what are the scientific things we do on the day @G_N

I got it @bivasnag
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Urgent! Please post plans for today on CUBE work , whatever it may be!
Let’s start without a break!
Please tell how many saw this chat and are planning to respond…
Please respond right now!

Please request them to to create separate thread by creating a relevant topic.

Let’s first get it posted here or wherever it is easy to get posted ! Then we can guide!
To many of us who are new it is very difficult to negotiate and go to the specified locales!

Right now we have an interesting post from CUBE Kolanchery! Nothing can be as best as this on Curiosity driven photo which can take us to the latest frontiers in Science! I am persuading this person to post it to COOL STEM Games . But, I myself do not know where to lead him specifically to. He has two brilliant photos to start with…

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Wonderful to know about Kolanchery! It will be inspiring to know their story. Please ask them to register and then login, and look for

They can create a topic (Topics create a thread for discussion). If they need more help, they can post at

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Yes. Of course! By now people figured that out.

Here in the STEM chat category.