It's time to break the shackles of show off and winning the spot in science in today's world

It's time to break the shackles of show off and winning the spot in science in today's world

It’s very sad the way the science is being promoted today not giving chance to the one who deserve and one who don’t similar cases I also faced recently and it may sound a little emotional although I would like to write this article from the general point of view.

What is science? Is it really what we are showcasing as one of the hardcore subject? or is it really simple and basic only it need to be promoted? Is coining some big terms like epigenetic, cancer biology and may be some more complex words make you a science baba?

Science a simple term made a thing of complexity and time has arrived to really ponder upon this things. For this we need to understand why science has developed the tag of strenuousity over the years. So for that we need to address where we see science is it really and only in those big books or big terms? Can I not learn science if I don’t have books…

The answer to this yes… We can… But we need to think of what we are doing, are we really asking questions to ourselves before taking any steps or only to just for the sake of doing science we are doing it. WE NEED TO CHANGE

Where can this change starts from, it have to start from the basic ground level from schools, colleges and other grassroot institution where teacher should give the opportunity to one who deserve not the one who try to show off them with some technical terms…


The traditional Teacher student system need to see a different face all together- start to change just for the scientific perspective

Time has already passed, Think before it is too late

Please put forward your views we need to revolutionize the scientific temper in our country :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


Our education system scores students based on how much they know. Hence students who know big terms and who can answer questions in class are popular.
The focus has always been on content rather than learning the culture of doing science

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But is there any solution to scrape out this way of teaching? @Aashu

I guess you already know the solution ,“CUBE”…if the way how we cubists learn in CUBE is introduced to teaching systems in schools and colleges, thus bringing a change that no one is a teacher rather everyone is a learner. I definitely think this will bring a great impact in revolutionarizing the scientific temper present in people’s minds in our country


Indeed a good one @bivasnag

But that need to be accepted and atleast given a chance to put forward or portray the concept of cube in front of everyone @Sjuday2527 that is missing…