Journey of a CUBE Kishore Bharati intern : Highlights of 2nd half of October or

PC: @Ichha

Observing ,understanding and discussing


Past few days we all are curious about the Article on First known horizontal gene transfer between Whitefly and Plant.

What was the context of that !?

On 13/10/2022 Chatshaala discussion was about the identification of Phyllanthus plants .Ichha @Ichha found some phyllanthus plants in her surrounding she planned to identify those plants .


On 14/10/2022 Ichha posted the updates of the phyllanthus plants for identification .

PC: @Ichha

First and foremost @Arunan sir noticed some infections on that* & ask for more pictures .

Later @Himanshu sir noticed the infections indicated* by Arunan sir and search for that ,He got the news article about the first horizontal known gene transfer Whitefly & plant.

Iater i searched the key words about how the horizontal gene transfer occured between whitefly and plant

I got the original paper,-April%202021

i wrote that in the heading “Attack your shield with your spear”

Actually i got these quotes from the original paper .

Rakesh bivas found the original story behind the words .

The story as follows

In the state of chu, there was a craftsman who made shields and spears and sold them in a market.

One day, in the market, to attract more attentions, he boasted of his shield:

"My shield is so solid that no spears can pierce it.” As he expected, hearing his words, people in the market gathered around his booth.

He continued his bragging: “My spear is so strong that it can pierce through anything.”

While he was proudly advertising his products, a man in the crowd asked him “what if I stab your shield with your spear?”

Bewildered by his own words, the craftsman was at a loss for a suitable reply. The crowd broke up laughing and booing"

Like here Whitefly taken the Spear PMaT1 gene from plant and detoxify the Plant toxin .

All those made us more more interesting .

I give this *chance to congratulate @Ichha for her continues follow up discussion on context to curriculum & chatshala.Without her observation these chain of discussion will not happen.

On 21/10/2022 * @jaikishan sent a reference about RNAi* ,that was the history about RNAi .the first paper also explained about the RNAi.Currently we are standing on that RNAi

I respect Chitra mam for her patience ,because my understanding that i made had some gaps with the original concept .I tried to fill up those gap with the help of mam.still continuing .

PC:Chitra mam

Because of the continues search related to this topic my Google feeds now filled insect plant interaction.

On 27/10/2022 i got the other reference that was about the continuation of first article

Actually i really surprised about that how the researchers are getting these updates very quickly !!!

The first paper published on 1/04/2021 ,the second paper related to first paper published on 26/10/2022 I got the second paper on 27/10/2022

How researchers are immediately follow up this !!!

I shared my surprize to chatshala ,later i realised that a if a researcher doing a work ,he/She continuously acquiring knowledge about the topic .

In our case we came there because of the observation made by Ichha.Also we are connecting this with various curriculum topics .

Yes.That was the Simple but humble observation made by Ichha on her home lab ,that is Whitefly infecting phyllanthus leaves .

Now Cubists are in the way of understanding the RNAi mechanism that elaborated in that paper .
I hope the coming discussions are related to that and we all learn more about that .

Context to Curriculum :
A) Gene transfer

1)Vertical Gene transfer
Parent to offspring
2)Horizontal Gene transfer
Protein synthesis
Enzyme /protein

B) Symbiotic relation with
Whitefly and Ant
Production of Honey dew by Whitefly.

PC: @Ichha

C) Gene sequencing
Northern blotting

D) Mutation
Creating mutant by using mutagens .

E) Identification of Phyllanthus .

F) RNAi.

PC: @Ichha

G)Lifecycle of Whitefly