Kashyap,a seventh Standard student from CUBE Sapekhati collected waterfleas from a pit ,made by buffaloes

Context to Curriculum

@⁨ Kashyap⁩’s discovery of waterfleas found in a pit ,made by buffaloes :water_buffalo: integrates a unique perspective into our curriculum topics.

@Susanta_Tanti ,@Kashyap, all were activily participated in CUBE NATIONAL MEET 2023 that was held at KJ Somaiya college, Mumbai.

After national meet Kashyap got interested in waterfleas & on 2/10/2023 he collected waterfleas from a pit that were made by buffaloes.

kashyap handed over that bottle to CUBE Sapekhati higher secondary school.

This was the bottle,photo taken on 3/10/2023.

Later kashyap was also collected the water samples from a pond and that culture bottle kept in his home .(4/10/2023)

CONTEXT TO CURRICULUM:Mind map of Today’s Chatshaala (9/10/2023)

How do transparent moina turn to Red moina? ,what will be the biology behind that !? @⁨Sakshi⁩ a MSc. neuroscience student from Sophia college Mumbai collaborating with @⁨Tiku Kashyap⁩ @⁨Susanta Tanti CUBE⁩ @sweety From Assam .


Waterfleas culture in Beaker. Added 2 drops of milk 16 oct 2023 Cube Lab Sapekhati

Updates given by @Susanta_Tanti in Context to curriculum WhatsApp group.

Breaking News: Cube Sapekhati
@⁨Sweety Konwar IX⁩ Sweety find the gravid mother Waterflea at 2.15 pm at cobe lab with @⁨Kashyap Das⁩ Kashyap . Transferred to a new bottle for pure line culture of cyclop copepod. Date 18 Oct 2023.
A single waterflea collected with the help of a dropper and placed on slide. Observed under simple microscope with 10x magnification and photographed theough eyepiece with mobile phone camera.

Cube Sapekhati : It is holiday but we enjoy the day with waterfleas Cyclops. Kashyap ans sweety transferring gravid flea. Date 18 /10/2023 Photo susanta tanti

Cube Sapekhati: A gravid cyclop under compound microscope objective 10x Eyepiece 10x. Date 18/10/2023 microPhoto sweety .

Cyclop without egg sac (male) observed today
By @Susanta_Tanti

A gravid cyclop transferred to new bottle
Confusion :
Antenna and antenule of Moina. What is the difference and functions

Cubists from CUBE Sapekhati developing model systems from their surroundings.

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Cube Sapekhati : Let’s use flowers (plants) to learn some chemistry. Puspa and Geetashree collecting Babool (red) Acacia spp. flowers to make petal extract. Date: 20/10/2023 Sapekhati HSS, Assam.

Geetashree add 1gm petal to 50 ml hot water to get the extract. Date 20/10/2023 Cube Sapekhati

Different colors of Babool petal extract when added Lemon juice, HCl , HNO3 and NaOH. Searching for viable natural indicator! Cube SAPEKHATI Date 20/10/2023

Updates on waterfleas from CUBE Sapekhati by @Susanta_Tanti ,kashyap , sweety and others

Update on Cyclop Culture : Another gravid female spotted in the original culture bottle. Video : Susanta Tanti, Cube Lab , Sapekhati Date 20/10/2023

Cyclop Culture Update
Kashyap ,Sweety and Geetashree came Cube Lab at School and observed the cultures . The gravid cyclop was not found​:anguished: in SLC 1 bottle. One small cyclop was observed in the SLC 1 Bottle. :thinking::thinking: Date 21/10/2023, Assam

Could not get a more clear picture of the cyclop. Cube School Lab , Sapekhati Date 21/10/2023

Durga Puja Festival special
While visiting my village home on festival collected water sample from paddy field following procedure adopted by @⁨Kashyap Das⁩ found different water fleas. Location: Mathurapur, Assam
Date 22/10/2023
Susanta Tanti

This bottle was used to bring milk to feed the cyclops. Kept on 20 October 2023 at School lab with closed cap. Today noticed the larvae inside the bottle. What it could be? @⁨Theertha⁩ , @⁨Arunan sir⁩ sir,

By @Susanta_Tanti .

Update on fresh water sample collection: Kashyap and sweety observing water sample collected from Bagsu Beel ( Water body) near Disang River ,Sapekhati, Assam. Date : 13Feb, 2024, Cube Lab Sapekhati HSS

We observed some aquatic organisms collected in water samples
(Kashyap Das & sweety kanwar)

Photo shared by Kashyap and Susanta sir in context to Curriculum group.

Updated video on cyclop culture st cube lab Sapekhati, assam. 23 /12/2023

Video reshared from @Susanta_Tanti

Three different types of organisms are observed in the water samples collected by Kashyap.

  1. suspected daphnia species .
    2)suspected cyclops species.
  2. suspected mosquito larvae .
    All three are observed from the water samples that collected on 11th February? @⁨Susanta Tanti CUBE⁩ @⁨Kashyap Sapekhati⁩ @⁨~:butterfly:…MAYURIIIII…:butterfly:⁩ @⁨~Sweety⁩
    What is the current status of the water samples collected on 2nd October?
    @⁨Kashyap Sapekhati⁩ @⁨~Sweety⁩ @⁨Susanta Tanti CUBE⁩ & others

Suspected Daphnia species:

Suspected cyclops species:

Suspected mosquito larvae

Cube Sapekhati: Taking microscopic photo with mobile phone. 11:32 am. 17th feb 2024.Photo : Susanta sir

Suspected daphnia species.

Today 17 Feb 2024 :We observed some aquatic organisms collected in water samples
(Kashyap Das & sweety kanwar)

Photo shared by Kashyap.Date:17/02/2024
Sample collected on 11/02/2024

Suspected Cyclops species :

Photo shared by Kashyap .Date:17/02/2024.
Sample collected on 11/02/2024