Knowledge bank electronic mismatch game

Hi All,
Knowledge is the key for education and life time excellence whether academic or personal, it helps you observe the world in the perspective of real world, general knowledge also helps to grow students confidence level and may prove to be of some great help during effective interaction and it enhance students public skill. This make me think of developing a tool which will introduce students to the world of general knowledge in a playful way at the same time it will create interest among the students and develop the curiosity to understand the real world around them, hence this idea gave birth to knowledge bank.
“ Knowledge Bank” is the combination of 5 different column and each column got specific knowledge sector, in short it can be described as match making game, we can make unlimited combination of knowledge database with it, as of now we made 5 combination of section and they are famous personality, flags, great scientist and their inventions, Medicinal plants, World famous monuments. The game can be describe with the example suppose Indian flag ,one column will represent Indian flag and the other column will represent name (India) in different row so the student need to figure out the unique combination of puzzle, once it is found the electric bulb will glow , it indicates that’s the correct answer in this way student will enjoy learning in interactive way.
knowledge bank image 1 !


Usually, general knowledge (GK) is considered by most as remembering certain facts. I agree with you that knowing more facts do provide confidence. How to reason with facts is an important ability we need to focus on in schools. Shall we think of creating a game by asking the students to link the given images and create a story? Let us see how creatively students can bring seemingly unrelated things together into a single narrative.