Koch's Postulate in context of Fungal soft rot disease in Ginger

Cubists are trying to study the fungus which is causes soft rot disease in Ginger.
Today an idea came to use boiled potato as a medium to culture fungal soft rot of ginger.
Koch postulate came into discussion in the context that all the diseases have a causative agent.
Koch showed the relationship between a microbe and a diseases like in TB and cholera both are ascribed to bacteria.
We can use the postulates to study that Fungus of a particular species is responsible for causing soft rot in ginger.

The question will address whether the soft rot type disease is caused by fungus or by some other microbe like bacteria.

We read the Koch’s postulate which says,

  1. To isolate the microbe from diseased organism and grow into pure culture
  2. To infect the healthy organism with the pure culture
  3. To re-isolate the microbe from the diseased infected organism and identified to be same as original isolated pure culture.

We discussed that the same three points can be followed for Fungal soft rot in Ginger.

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