Learning Evolution by Cultivating Mustard Plants

Today we took the photograph from Prof.Karen’s book which shows different mustard plants, the question was asked whether there is any two plants that are same? Answer was given that all of them are from same species, another answer was the number 4th and 5th plant look the same so they may be coming from same seed, which further led to questions coming from members that are the two offsprings of same parent exactly the same?
Offsprings are different from same parents also, which means the plants derived from same plant seeds also must have difference.

Further it led to question how pollination occurs, the sperm from pollen and egg fuse to create seed, each seed is born from different pollens even in same plant, which means the progenies born from same parent are also different. The answer to the question is no two offspring mustard plants in the picture even from same plant are not exactly the same.

The question helped us to understand what causes variations and how variations can occur, it also helped us to understand how science can be learnt along with productive work such as cultivating mustard.