Lenses : Some Basic Terms

Today ,
Was My science Exam , It was a Bit Difficult and I also Did Good ,
There was Lesson 15 Light , Very Confusing
So here Are Some Basic Terms From The Chapter To understand To help You Ease Off Your Doubts

Erect Image Image which is Always Straight , upwards and Not inverted

Inverted Image Image which is Upside down , Opposite of Erect Image

Magnified Image Image Which Is Bigger than The object

Diminshed Image Image Which Is smaller Than The size Of the object Opposite of Magnified Image

Real image Image which Can be obtained on a screen.Which Is in Real World , Not Virtual {Behind The Mirror}

Virtual Image Image which Cannnot be obtained On a screen. Which is formed Behind The mirror . O.P of Real Image

Lateral Inversion It is the Property Of the Mirror , When We raise Our Right hand And the Mirror Image Shows Raised Left Hand

Concave Mirror It is A spherical Curved Mirror. The Mirror is in Inner side . It shows Both real And virtual Image .

Convex Mirror It is also A spherical Curved Mirror . The Mirror Is Present On Outer Side . It Shows Only Virtual Image

Concave Lens This Lens Is A cave Like Lens , Carved From Inwards . It diverges Light outwards .

Convex Lens It is Larger from the center And gets smaller from center to end . It Coverges Light inwards

These were some basic Terms , Thank You for Reading .

Sorry for any mistakes , Sayonara :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: