Aim of lernaYana

The aim of this project is to create a website for teaching naYana script in an interactive way.

About naYana Script

  • The naYana phonetic alphabet is created by Nagarjuna G. and Vickram Crishna and few other collaborators and interns at the gnowledge lab of Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) at Mumbai in India.
  • Common code does not eliminate diversity of expression within a wider population, on the other hand it becomes a base for inclusive participation. Transcriptional unity can generate translational diversity is well evidenced by a common genetic code, where four letters and 64 words generated the organic diversity which is key for organic evolution. We hope naYana project will enhance cultural diversity and localization through transcriptional unity and universal literacy.

Features of lernaYana

Some features implemented on the website are as follows:

  • Designed beginner and intermediate quizzes in the form of MCQs to help people learn naYana.
  • Integrated naYana keyboard which converts the input into its corresponding IPA and naYana format.
  • Visual Dictionary with all naYana script characters with their SVG animation
  • User login and registration.

This project truly serves its purpose. The interactive design of the website makes the learning process more fun and helps in better retention of the script.

Future Work

  • Integrate more games like match the following, flashcards and more images for better learning of the script
  • Integration of OCR system for practising the naYana letters
  • Completing SVG Animations for all vowels, consonants and numbers
  • Text to Speech functionality can be added through meSpeak.js
  • More languages like Hindi, Marathi, Tamil and other native languages can also be integrated


Aakanksha Baijal, Arnav Jain, Ritesh Singh, Suhaas Mahajan and Vedant Patel

GitLab Link

For further documentation related to our project, please visit our GitLab repository.

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