Let us collect the various sources where we find open educational resources

Please reply to this thread with various sources where we can find resources in India that are released under creative commons. Please give links to places where this information is already been curated. Eventually, we can create a single page where visitors can find such resources.
You can also add to the list below, this is a wiki page.

Some very prominent ones that come to my mind are:



https://digital.sanchaya.net - lists various PD and CC content related to Science etc for Kannada

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I have included that in the main post. Please feel free to edit the main post so that we can have a good listing of all at one place.


IIT Bombay Spoken Tutorial is a multi-award winning educational content portal. Here one can learn various Free and Open Source Software all by oneself. The self-paced, multi-lingual courses ensure that anybody with a computer and a desire for learning, can learn from any place, at any time and in a language of their choice. All the content published on this website are shared under the CC BY SA license.


Welcome to this new platform!

Yeah, we should edit at the same place so that all such sites/work is listed at the same place!


We can also use NPTEL/Swayam Platform.

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Please add the links by editing the main post. It is a wiki page, so you can edit it as well.

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The Village Telco local area wireless mesh network project has set up a resource for groups to create their own knowledge centres, with hardware and software tools.

Firmware is available for Dragino MS14 devices (eg MP2), GLiNET devices including AR150, AR300M, MT300N-V2, and TP-Link MR3020, MR3040 and WR842.

The Digital Library Ver 1.0 software is now available for download as follows:




Sample Home Page

Draft User Guide for Assembling Digital Library Content to assist with the process of creating a library.

The document can be downloaded here:


[off-topic] @vvcstemplay: are you involved in this project? This is really interesting and would probably love to have you speak if you are. With Wikipedias in 25 Indian languages and CC licensed publications like PrathamBooks/StoryWeaver, there is so much opportunity. I was involved in the past with the Internet Society that was a funder for many mesh networks, particularly Digital Empowerment Foundation in India. Would love to have a fireside chat style talk here at CC India probably sometime in Feb.


Do you mean the Village Telco project?

It is a global endeavour that has had many contributors from everywhere. Over there past two decades, thanks to some efforts put in to enhance the quality of rural communication, this project came to light. It has remained a beacon of hope, and wonder at the same time that so many factors of enablement are built into a non-corporate do it yourself successful working environment.


@vvcstemplay: Yes. Sorry for the delay from my end. Thanks for elaborating on it.

DEF, and Osama in particular, are old friends. In fact, we also participated, with a Gnowledge Studio project on bus route mapping, at one of their open events.