Let us write about reading books

Let us write about reading books

Reading is a good habit.
Reading books is a good practice.
Let us write here which books that we have been reading currently, books that we have read in recent past.

The books can be from any category…

Let’s feed the bookworm among us !:grinning:

The book that I m reading currently is…

Title: Nine Pints: A Journey Through the Money, Medicine, and Mysteries of Blood

Author: Rose George

Year: 2018

Bloody amazing and absorbing book, I must say. I am thoroughly enjoying this non-fiction.

About the book:
An eye-opening exploration of blood, the life giving substance with the power of taboo, the value of diamonds, and the promise of breakthrough science

Blood carries life, yet the sight of it makes people faint. It is a waste product and a commodity pricier than oil. It can save lives and transmit deadly infections. Each one of us has roughly nine pints of it, yet many don’t even know their own blood type. And for all its ubiquity, the few tablespoons of blood discharged by 800 million women are still regarded as taboo; menstruation is perhaps the single most demonized biological event.

Rose George, author of The Big Necessity , is renowned for her intrepid work on topics that are invisible but vitally important. In Nine Pints , she takes us from ancient practices of bloodletting to modern “hemovigilance” teams that track blood-borne diseases. She introduces Janet Vaughan, who set up the world’s first system of mass blood donation during the Blitz, and Arunachalam Muruganantham, known as “Menstrual Man” for his work on sanitary pads for developing countries. She probes the lucrative business of plasma transfusions, in which the U.S. is known as the “OPEC of plasma.” And she looks to the future, as researchers seek to bring synthetic blood to a hospital near you.

Spanning science and politics, stories and global epidemics, Nine Pints reveals our life’s blood in an entirely new light.

Source: Nine Pints: A Journey Through the Money, Medicine, and Mysteries of Blood - Rose George - Google Books


Agreed 100% I do more than just write about books, I give a detailed review of the books I read and cherish and give many important details. See ::

You can follow this example. Do’nt know how many of you like this idea.


How about taking a look at this major technological innovation ::

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The last book on science I read in May was :
“Einstein’s Masterwork: 1915 and the General Theory of Relativity” by Jhon Gribbin.

It describes about how Einstein develops the the theory of General Relativity and experimental confomation and some biographical details. It is a good book to read for every one.


Can you tell us what is “bloody” about the book. Nice if you share your take home points as well.

The book is a collection of case studies, which use scientific and historical data to support the individual proposed hypotheses, and the overall argument for a connection between some illnesses and increased longevity Or, how many of the medical conditions that are diseases were the result of evolutionary changes that gave our ancestors a “leg up in the survival sweepstakes.”

It contains 266 pages all leading up to part 3.

Chapter 1: Hemochromatosis, bloodletting, and human iron consumption

Chapter 2: Diabetes, climate change, and brown fat

Chapter 3: Sunlight, vitamin D, cholesterol, and the physiological makeup of race

Chapter 4: Vegetables, fava beans, and the spread of malaria

Chapter 5: The virulence of bacteria, Guinea worms, and parasitic diseases

Chapter 6: Mutating DNA and “jumping” genes

Chapter 7: Genetic suppression and childhood obesity

Chapter 8: Cancer cells and childbirth

You can read this book… It is quite nice and something different that i study on daily basis so I liked it very much and hope you also like it.


I have recently started reading “Sapiens” by Yuval Noah Harari. It’s a fascinating tale of about our species and the others by zooming out the timeline. The narration is vivid and amazing which will make you reflect and ponder.


It has the second part called homo Deus read that one as well it is more interesting than that of the first one @ravi31


I read it two months back. It was a wonderful reading experience… Have got Homo Deus . Looking forward to read that one too .


Good to see chats on the topic of books… :innocent: Lets keep it up :+1:

More specific take home points from any of the books will be useful.

@bivasnag what do you mean by Survival of the Sickest?

I remember the book highlights how having a disease can be beneficial in survival in some other way.
Or those mutations which our ancestors got benefited from have evolved into a diseases for us.
Can you give more specific examples from book to explain this aspect which is of great significance in understanding evolution…