Let's ask questions this week

Let's ask questions this week

Let’s celebrate something different…this time

I have seen that we always have many questions in our mind like anything like why the colour of the leaf is green?,why we brush our teeths after we wake up and many more these are the questions everyone has once in a while have thought of might not be a biology related topic it can be of anything.

This initiative I want all of you to take part which is called the week to question where you can question anything you want to know about.

What can be the benifit-

  1. We can relate things with our daily lives
  2. The more we understand more our contest to curriculum Moto gets uplifted
  3. Many more

So what do you think @G_N @Arunan @meena74 @jtd @jaikishan @Hinaiqbal_Mudgal can we celebrate this pic if given a chance along with slice of season as it will engage us with plethora of knowledge about things around us …


Why just a week, this should be an attitude worth a lifetime!

Even if CUBE focusses on research on certain model organisms, one must not kill their curiosity or limit it. Selective curiosity isn’t the goal!

Good initiative @bivasnag. I’m in.


Good initiative @bivasnag

Looking forward to meandering on the questions once posed. Cos my selfish interest (from research point of view) would be to analyze the kinds or nature of questions asked :grinning:

How to do this. I remember @gnowgi mentioning about tagging the questions.

If anyone is interested to do this tagging, let us collaborate about the tags and populate the tags as well in this STEMGAMES. :grin: