Let's uncover the syllabus of molecular biology

Here @Amritha has introduced the condition of cotton plant before genetic manipulation (left side) and after it (right side), slide with cotton plant.

According to her, earlier cotton plants (before genetic engineering) were more prone to damage by insects. But after the genetic engineering the yield of the plant has been increased as no more insects can cause more damage to the cotton plant.

:sparkles: Why Bt cotton, Bt stands.

:sparkles: How gene will get transferred from one organism to another?

To understand the genetic engineering, first we need to understand the basics of molecular biology such as:-
:sparkles: *What is DNA?

:sparkles: Where it is present and in which form?

:sparkles: Does DNA has any charge? If yes, how it acquired that charge and which molecule is responsible for the charge? How this charge will help the DNA molecule?

:sparkles: What is nucleotide? and how these nucleotides bonded together to form complete DNA?

  • Which sugar DNA has? Does it differ from RNA sugar?

@⁨Amritha CUBE⁩ you did a great job today. Let’s clear all the doubts you had today along with @Kishan Gupta DSC DU⁩ @Theertha@Shraddha276 @sakshiconsultant2002 @⁨~Sneha Maurya⁩ @gangakr and others.