LTM #0 Takeoff -- a mathematical discourse

LTM #0 Takeoff -- a mathematical discourse

Let’s Talk Mathematics (LTM) is an attempt to create and sustain “Mathematical
Discourse” as an approach to learning maths. Mathematical Discourse is a powerful
approach to appreciating maths and understanding maths. The National
Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) defines discourse in the mathematics
classroom as, “ways of representing, thinking, talking, agreeing, and disagreeing;
the way ideas are exchanged and what the ideas entail, and as being shaped
by the tasks in which students engage as well as by the nature of the learning
environment.” This stream of LTM articles is designed to get all users of
STEMgames to open up and share ideas on mathematics. The traditional border line between teacher and student is removed here, leading to a collaborative learning environment.

Informative maths-related articles will be published here at regular intervals and will provide
the starting point and the theme of the discussions. The articles will occasionally
be provocative and even controversial, so as to create and sustain healthy discussions.

All are invited and welcome to participate and contribute. Suggestions are
welcome, as usual.

There’s more to come. Watch this space.