Makerspace | LED Art Workshop

Makerspace | LED Art Workshop

LED Art Workshop

Two days long workshop organised at Makerspace (108) of HBCSE - TIFR Mankhurd Mumbai on LED Art. The basic goal of the workshop is to introduce the basic of electricity to the participants. Most of the participants are 8th graders from Sir Sayyed English High School, Mankhurd.

During the workshop participants were given few passive electronics components such as LED, Resistor, Switches, Buzzer, copper conductive tape etc and few active components & tools such as 3v Coin Cell, 9v Battery and Multimeter. Students played around these components and tried to discover their concept discovery regarding Voltage, Current, Power, Resistance, Series and Parallel Combination.
Students also created Art of their imagination in the form Greeting cards, Sketching etc and also integrated the blinking of LED s to it. Basically they tried to develop paper circuit.

At the end of the each day participants also share and explain their achievements, failure, struggle of the day to their peer groups and mentors.

Concept Note for the Workshop

Concept_Note_LED_art.pdf (57.7 KB)

Glimpses of Workshop and Artefact developed.