Making car from arduino uno

We are trying to make the arduino based project

Extending our explorations on Drone, today we (@shitalsalunke2503, @girasenilakshi, Aryan, Ashwini, @Farhan, @ravi312 and I) had a detailed conversation trying to understand the code used to provide forward movement in the car (this code apparently makes the car do Garba dance! Yes really it does. See the videos posted by @shitalsalunke2503 ).

Initially, we gave various ideas on the way the motors need to be controlled for the car to move either forward or backward. These were in the form of all or 2 of the 4 motors and the wheels moving in clockwise or anticlockwise directions.

But the code that @shitalsalunke2503 showed us something like this for forward movement.

digtalWrite(3, HIGH);
digtalWrite(4, HIGH);
digtalWrite(5, LOW);
digtalWrite(6, LOW);

We were not able to make sense of this initially as we interpreted this as two motors turning ON and two others OFF. We thought, all the four need to be HIGH.
Even if we interpret them as two motors rotating clockwise and two others rotating anti-clockwise, we were not able to make sense of the forward movement.
Screenshot from 2020-10-26 17-19-36

Then we realised the reversal of the orientation of the left-side motors and right-side motors. And hence the two LOWs in the code.

We are planning to extend this conversation to more kinds of movements already present in the code.

Looking forward to,


What other movemets that car can do ?

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