Making of a wood-workbench

Making of a wood-workbench

After the success of the last week’s wood-workshop, the MakerSpace team felt the need for a dedicated wood workbench.

The workbenches are designed to meet the needs of a modern-day woodworker and help in rapid prototyping/making of the artifacts. The bench is used by woodworkers to hold workpieces while they are worked by other tools. There are many different designs of benches, depending on the type of work and preference of the artist.

The main thing that distinguishes benches is the way in which the work is held in place. Most benches have more than one way to do this, depending on the operation being performed. The bench is solid and holds the work so that one can focus on doing. Vises are pre-mounted and there is the versatility of the vice location which permits ease of both left or right-handed use, clamping on both ends or dual clamping on the front. The benchtop is built to last for a lifetime of normal use. The benches can be designed with or without the storage cabinet.

Ready-made designs are costly and if we can come up with a frugal and better version based on our own customized needs, that will be really useful. We hope that the design can serve as a low-cost template which can further be replicated by maker spaces such as Atal Tinkering Labs etc and instill the DIY Spirit. Looking forward for both online and offline participation.
Here is the project page where we will keep documenting the progress.

Dates: 21-28 Aug 2019
Venue: G5

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