Mango trees Jodo Yatra

Highlights of November

Mango mapping datas were collected Cubists from different parts of India .
Neha(mumbai,Maharashtra ),Sakshi(Mumbai,Maharashtra ) ,Anjana(Palakkad,kerala ),Seema(Panjim Goa)Adeeba(Palakkad,kerala)
,Amirtha (Palakkad,kerala),Himanshu sir ,Arunan sir were collected the mango trees data in the month of November . @_Seema_11 @Arunan @Himanshu

Here is a reference send by Adeeb (CUBE SN ALATHUR ) which says
The Mango flowering commences by November-December and the harvesting
starts by March-April.

Is that really true !!!
Do Cubists have any datas for proving or disproving this statements .


"CUBE is not a job take it as a Passion remembering the words said by Arunan sir "

I Am travelling what i can do as a CUBists !!!

Do latitude play any role in the mango flowering !!!
Can we reject or accept the hypothesis !
Let’s have a try .

As a part of a Interview me and Lakshmy @Lakshmy
had journey to Thiruvananthapuram On 6/11/2022.
At that day we tried to collect the datas of Mango trees from Bus .In my journey ,Latitude ranges
from 11.25°N to 8.52°N( Kozhikode - Thiruvananthapuram)
I am from Kozhikode (11.25°N)
kerala and lakshmy from Thrissur (10.5276° N)
kerala .49 mango trees are surveyed by me and 17 trees surveyed by lakshmy.

Summary of Mango Mapping
On 6/11/2022
Kozhikode to Thiruvananthapuram :11.25°N to 8.52°N.

Split into 4 regions

  1. Kozhikode (11.2588° N, 75.7804° E)
    to Malappuram (11.0510° N, 76.0711° E)
    No of trees surveyed : 15
    Flowering :40%
    Fruiting :0%

  2. Malappuram ((11.0510° N, 76.0711° E)
    to Thrissur(10.5276° N, 76.2144° E)
    No of trees surveyed :18
    Flowering :77.7%
    Fruiting :5%

  3. Thrissur (10.5276° N, 76.2144° E)
    to Alappuzha (9.4981° N, 76.3388° E)
    No of tress surveyed :21
    Flowering : 52.3%
    Fruiting :14.2%

  4. Alapuzha (9.4981° N, 76.3388° E)
    to Thiruvananthapuram ( (8.5241° N, 76.9366° E)
    No of trees surveyed :12
    Flowering :83.3%
    Fruiting :25%

Result :
There no significant change in the flowering.The interesting observation that we came across that , observed mango fruiting from Thrissur(10.5276° N, 76.2144° E)
to Thiruvanthapuram(8.5241° N, 76.9366° E)
and no fruiting in Kozhikode (11.2588° N, 75.7804° E)
& Malappuram (11.0510° N, 76.0711° E).
Yes latitude have some significant role .Let’s verify or falsify our hypothesis by collecting more datas from all over the India .