Mapping trees at Open Street Map

Mapping trees at Open Street Map

Mapping Trees!

When we think of a map, we think of only roads. But the best landmarks on our planet are the trees. If you map the trees that are near your village, school, college, or the workplace, you would also be mapping the planet. It is also a wonderful way to create a complete census of all the trees of our place.

Here is an invitation to you to start this collaborative open, online and an ongoing project.

Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (TIFR) at

Look at the following picture of HBCSE, TIFR at Open Street Map. You will notice a lot of trees marked.

The following picture shows editor view of the same place, marking one of the trees as a Tamarind Tree.

Become a Cartographer and Citizen Scientist!

Through this project, we invite you to become not only a cartographer by joining as a member and begin mapping not only the streets, buildings and other landmarks in your area, but also the trees.

How to do this?

There is plenty of help available online about You may learn some basic ideas from the following video we made long ago. But do look for other help and tutorials online and become part of this COOOL STEMGame!

Please show pictures around your place mapped with trees, streets, building around your place.


Nice initiative! There are many trees in my college, of which some aren’t popular. I don’t know their scientific names or regional name. How to identify them so that we can name trees accurately?


You can post the pictures here on this thread and ask people to help in identification.
Or you can also use an app called Plantnet, which identifies plants from pictures.

Eagerly looking forward to your participation in mapping trees around your locality.