Mathematical Measuring instrument

Making Mathematical calculation device which can calculate Area and perimeter of irregular shapes- “Math-table”
Day-1 -

  1. Discussion and brainstorming of area calculations for basics shapes like cube, cuboid, cylinder, sphere, etc
  2. Moved to designing some sketches for regular shapes.
  3. Discussed with GN sir for using LCD or LED screen as the base for calculations.
  4. Worked with Arduino and RGB 64 LED screen.
  5. Then we realised that LED is only output device but we need input device which can give the data of the object.
    That was all for the day -1



  1. Starts with Raspberry Pi 4setup
  2. We configured R Pi and camera module 2.
  3. We installed open CV software in RPi and C make software
  4. Learned soldering, Arduino and built one electronic eye circuit.
  5. We configured LCD display with Arduino nano and mega.
  6. We diverted towards learning many other electronic things like making basic circuits,. Arduino with different LEDs.



Also don’t forget who’s in the picture!
Can anyone answer who’s the famous personality here with us on day 1?


:smiley:Arvind Gupta , the inventor legend .


Today’s updates

  1. Started with making digital hourglass using Arduino Uno- Struggle is on😌

  2. Made traffic lights glow on Arduino nano- it’s working!!:sunglasses:

  3. Working on R-Pi to calculate the area and perimeter of different objects and shapes.
    Hope we will be able to make a working setup for measurement by today evening!
    Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:
    With Team members - @Shinde @manishpotdar250



  1. Started with learning LCD and Arduino nano
  2. Managed to make traffic lights blink for 5, 2, and 1 sec each.
  3. Tried to make digital watch.
  4. Continuing with Ultrasonic sensor for distance and other measurement calculations.
  5. Took help from Ankish sir and managed to make some workable setup for distance calculations.
  6. Hope we make good presentable measurement kit by tomorrow on the D-Day!

@manishpotdar250 @Shinde