Model organism : mosquito

Model organism : mosquito

Here is a video on model organism :mosquito: MOSQUITO :mosquito:
This video was made at HBCSE, TIFR during an active CUBE STEM WORKSHOP between- 16 - 18 August 2019
This was an exciting experience at HBCSE CAMPUS and the mapping of mosquito in the campus.
I had an encounter with Asian Tiger Mosquito a.k.a Aedes Albopictus was common outside the GNOWLEDGE LAB.
Even, lavae of mosquito were found in some pagalopos well around the campus.
We enjoyed and learned the causerie session with the pagalopos and the rotifer group

SOME REFERENCE LINKS : Aedes albopictus - Wikipedia
Aedes aegypti - Wikipedia
Culex - Wikipedia


CUBIST try to refer some reference paper and try to take out the distinguishable characteristics to differentiate between two @rahil.bhai_007 it will help you to understand it in betterways…

i will do it.

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@rahil.bhai_007 waiting for your response to the reference