Moina macrocopa jsk1 culture in Somaiya College Lab

CUBE HOMELAB’s 1 month old Self Sustainable Moina Culture🥳

This culture was made on 4th July 2023 with ~5 Moina macrocopa gifted by @⁨Saida CUBE⁩ from Sophia College on 16th June 2023. On 4th July added 3 drops of milk after adding moina and no milk was added after that. We can see Algae is growing, leaves have fallen from the plants in balcony. Long shot video: Culturing Moina macrocopa jsk1 in homelab - #10 by Abhi0703

Today there are approx 100 moina in this. Now I only have 1 setup of this but today after coming from college I will replicate this so that culture is not lost.

CUBE Homelab Ulwe, Navi Mumbai. Video: AbhijeetSingh

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Yesterday, from my self sustainable moina culture in Homelab i brought some sample to college to replicate the setup in college lab Myself, @⁨Vatsal KJSSC⁩ @⁨Anindita CUBE Kj⁩ @⁨Meena Ma’am KJSSC Botany⁩ and @⁨Hinal KJSSC SY⁩ observed it under microscope to find what type of alage it is. CUBE Somaiya College Lab, Vidyavihar, Mumbai. Photo: AbhijeetSingh

This is what we observed under the microscope. The algae produces High amount of mucilage in water. It was very slimy to pick up and place on a slide. The algae observed was Filamentous, Unbranched and Chlorophyllous. Which algae this could be? @⁨Chitralekha Ma’am Cube⁩ @⁨Dr. Binumol CUBE⁩ @⁨Prof. Babitha CUBE Varkala⁩ @⁨Leji J CUBE⁩ @⁨Meena Ma’am KJSSC Botany⁩ @⁨Arunan Sir⁩ @⁨Sunita Ma’am cube⁩ @⁨Hinal KJSSC SY⁩ @⁨Hina Ma’am cube⁩ and others…?

From the algal sample brought from Homelab moina culture 2 new culture were made using the algae as seed inoculant. ~5 moina were added in each by @⁨Vatsal KJSSC⁩ and @⁨Anindita CUBE Kj⁩ in these 2 setup. These cultures are kept near window so that algae can get light and grow. CUBE Somaiya College Lab Vidyavihar, Mumbai. 3rd Aug 2023. Photo: AbhijeetSingh.

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