Moina Macrocopa jsk1 with Algae

Video Moina Macrocopa jsk1 with Algae
Wow! :smiley: Moina Macrocopa jsk1 strain flourishing with no feed

. Just some algae and sunlight! Made this culture on 20th Feb with ~20-25 Moina and didn’t feed with milk or anything! Today i can see some 100 moina

approximately! In this video we can see how they are getting attracted towards mobile torch light!. CUBE HOMELAB ULWE NAVI-MUMBAI. 8th March 2022

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Container In which Moina was being cultured (PLEASE CLICK ON BLUE LINE TO WATCH TO VIDEO)


Diverse life forms in Artificial pond like culture for Moina macrocopa jsk1(Click on blue sentence to see the video)
Microorganisms, ‘Probably’ Protozoans, Algae, Arthropods (Crustacean, Insects). What else can you observe in this Artificial pond like culture? which was initially made for Moina macrocopa jsk1 but now is flooded with diverse life forms!!!. CUBE HOMELAB ULWE NAVI-MUMBAI, 7th August 2022. Abhijeet Singh.


Rotifers in Moina macrocopa Culture Artificial pond like culture (Click on the blue sentence to see the video)

Rotifer found in artificial pond like culture for Moina macrocopa!!!
Today i took some sample from that culture and checked it under microscope. 5x eyepiece 10x objective lens. Cube K.J.Somaiya College of Science and Commerce, Mumbai. 8th Aug 2022. Abhijeet Singh