Moina or Daphnia from a lake in Ranchi Jharkhand

Moina or Daphnia from a lake in Ranchi Jharkhand

I was in Ranchi Jharkhand for a workshop at BIT Mesra. There is lake in the campus. I collected water sample from it and observed under the Foodscope. In it I found these pregnant animal. I’m not sure if it is a Moina or Daphnia. But there video has turned out nice.


It is a Moina for sure…
As per my knowledge, Daphnia has a long post anal tail.

Daphnia pulex
Photo Reference: Wikipedia

It is not moina as first antennule is missing in it. a cross view of picture may makw it more clearer


Are u sure about tail in daphnia, pls post the reference

A photo depicting the functional anatomy of Daphnia.

Reference: Introduction to Daphnia Biology - Ecology, Epidemiology, and Evolution of Parasitism in Daphnia - NCBI Bookshelf

I think the organism in the photo was placed dorso-ventrally or vice versa… when the micrograph was taken.


It’s not moina, not daphnia, then what is it, another species of water flea?

First thing first, go collect samples from the lake which is now identified. Breed them, and study their anatomy and do the taxonomy. There is no point speculating when the sample is available, and we have an active CUBE group in Ranchi.

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Please add latitude and longitude of the lake?

Do you have more pictures of this water flea . @edurafi

Do you have some samples to bring to Mumbai? Caution: Let’s not get it mixed with our Moina macrocopa JSK1 painstakingly cultivated and identified earlier!

Please give the reference to classify Moina and to find the differences between Moina and Daphnia. @drishtantmkawale

Yes, Rafikh can post a few more photos to see whether antennule is present or not.
@jaikishan can you please post the reference to show that lack of antennule is characteristic of Moina ?!!

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@drishtantmkawale, you are working with Moina for some time now? Please tell us with proper reference how Moina can be identified.
@subhojit who is coming to your lab at CUBE Elphinstone college has done the identification along with other Cubists …Please learn from him how they did the initial identification before going for molecular markers.

Please discuss this new find by @rafikh in today’s meeting with Subhojit and others.


Here is the exact location: River View Point
Mesra, Jharkhand 835215

And sorry for calling it lake, actually it is Subarnarekha river.

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Yes, I have two good videos but due to size use I couldn’t post. I’ll upload them today

Video is much longer but due to size constraints I had to cut it

Tail is visible in this, if this is what you need for the ID

Yes, I have nice videos. Shared one in this chat just now. Please check. Will upload more.

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I have found a water flea from a pond at Sapekhati, Assam . coordinates 27°14’ N 95°17’ E. Please check the video whether it was Moina or Daphnia? Date 25 oct 2019.


Thanks for sharing the video. I’m not an expert but the students who are working on Moina should be able to help in identifying.

The basic difference is of the size.
An adult Moina is ~1.5mm and an adult Daphnia can be upto ~3-5mm in size.
and the other difference is of their anatomy.

References: 6.1. Daphnia and Moina
Live Food - Moina And Daphnia | My Aquarium Club.