Monsoon season a travel hazard?

Monsoon season a travel hazard?

The reason why earthworms come out of the soil in rainy season is not because it can’t breath but its because they use this season as a migration factor and since in other seasons the surroundings are dry it does not help the locomotion where are the puddle and wet surroundings during monsoon season is very helpful for them


When do earthworms breed?

But the article I read tells that with increase in humidity there is a decrease in the movement and locomotion of the earthworm and in dry air they move faster heimburger1924.pdf (806.7 KB)

Don’t you think this article is little bit contradicting to the claim



What is the survival value of Earthworms migrating to all odd places like trunk of a huge tree, walls of buildings?!! @Vaibhavib99

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I often see the worms crossing from side of the road to the other side during rainy season. Why and how they move in one direction? They are certainly not foraging.

This season I will not forget to share these pictures. So many unanswered questions?

Please suggest what other things I should record if I want to investigate this phenomena?