Moon Inside Winter Hexagon for 3 days!

Winter Hexagon
The Winter Hexagon or the Winter Circle is an asterism prominent in the Northern sky. The Hexagon is prominently visible during winter around midnight.

The stars that form this asterism are :

Rigel in Orion
Aldebaran in Taurus
Capella in Auriga
Procyon in Canis Minor
Castor (and Pollux) in Gemini
Sirius in Canis Major

For around 3 days, The moon will be enclosed Inside the Winter Hexagon from 24-26 January.


This is interesting!
How can one figure out this (or any) asterism (a group of stars forming a pattern)?
Did you make this live observation or is it taken from a source?

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I did not take the picture it is taken from Stellarium.
This is quite a wide part of the sky, if possible I will try to take a photo of Winter Hexagon in the weekend. (Without the moon in it)

You can go outside right now and look at it yourself! All the stars mentioned are pretty bright hence should be visible from most light polluted areas.