Mosquito as a Model for Diseases

Mosquito group from Kanpur presented about how to trap mosquitoes on CUBE National Meet, at Somaiya college, the questions like how to identify Aedes from non-aedes mosquitoes using Clap-trap method are being addressed. They have collected also the eggs of mosquitoes using Ovitrap method from different water sources.

Ovitrap method employs cloth tied on a stick or scale which is dip into water, the mosquitoes need moisture to lay the eggs.
The data shows that there is variation in frequency of mosquitoes based on locations/seasons.
The presentation and work is done by school students of Allen House Public School, Kanpur along with @Hinaiqbal_Mudgal

Mosquito can help us to study different topics such as Adaptatioon, Genetic variation, Evolutionary biology, Diseases, Ecology, Behavior studies