Mosquito Mapping: model for epidemiological studies

Mosquito Mapping: model for epidemiological studies

Mosquitoes are present everywhere around us.
Can we devise a method to trap them?
Please suggest your method in reply section below.

Can we map mosquitoes across seasons?
Which season will have a maximum number of mosquitoes and which one will have very less of it? Give your views in the reply section below.

How a mosquito causing dengue or malaria can be identified?
Can we also find out in which season dengue or malaria-causing mosquitoes are found maximum so that these diseases can be prevented?
What could be design of an experiment to solve this problem?

Image of Aedes mosquito (which causes Dengue)

This zebra mosquito came to bite and was hit, Chembur, 21/8/19
Could this be Aedes ?

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Check out these topics and data collection on mosquitoes collected at CUBE LOCALITY LAB THE MALL KANPUR

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