My first LED Art

My first LED Art

Write about: – My first LED art :smiley:
What STEM activity are you doing today? – Lighting 4 LEDs on a 3V coin cell and checking how long it will last. It is pasted on the white board on 1150 hrs, and still it is on.

What I learnt today? I learnt that the 3V cell can light 4 led bulbs continuously upto 3 hours and still it is running. I learnt that there are 4 ways to find out the positive and negative on the LED. I learnt to draw diagram with notations of the art. I was learning along with the students. :grinning:


1618 It is running (mandatory Bot dictated additional words)


Vow great… thanks for update…:+1::+1:

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It is still running while being stuck up on board :joy::sweat_smile:
U c bcoz iingliiis iza bery phunnnny language :grinning::smile: