Mystery of similar looking butterflies with different colors!

Why some black butterflies are having white patches and others are having red patches whereas some black butterflies are having white and red patches? This is the question that cubists are asking from observations of a different colored similar-looking butterfly by @Sara. @Nandini said after emerging from pupae the butterfly changes its color to protect itself from predators. @Shraddha276 asked the question how do these butterflies change their color?

@Sara had 10 caterpillars, out of which she found all these varieties of butterflies emerging from the pupae itself.

Can we say to avoid predators butterflies are changing color? or for attracting mates they are changing color? Are they actually changing color or they are born like that?

In this picture, there is Crimson rose and Common mormon butterfly, the Common mormon female butterfly is looking very much similar to the Crimson rose butterfly. Also why only these specific colors only are chosen by butterflies? asked @Shraddha276
@Hitesh explained, are they choosing, or is it random? He continued, in nature bright colors such as red are spotted easily by mates. But having bright colors may make them vulnerable to predation.

@shalinisharma98 repeated the question, why Common mormon is mimicking Crimson rose? and continued that, this change in colors is a genetic change, which might help the population to survive better in a given condition.

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