Nail Growth: How Do We Measure?

Nail Growth: How Do We Measure?

This activity is part of the Nail Growth activity. If you haven’t done that, please do that by clicking this link.

In this activity we will measure the growth of nail from the picture taken on paper with a ruler or on graph paper.

We can use an app; for example ImageMeter. Use link to download the application from playstore:

Please click this link to know steps to measure length using ImageMeter app
You can use other apps as well

Using this application we can mark the position from the beginning of the nail to the bottom end of the voter`s ink mark. This distance represents the length nail has grown from the date of voting till the date of the photo taken.

Following is an image showing length of nail growth;

Do comment in the “Reply” section below in case of any queries.

Submit picture and data of your nail measurement in the following link:

You can access the data from the links below:

After submitting the form, you can post an essential summary of your data by clicking “Reply” icon below.

Please repeat this activity every 10 days, and send the data of the progression of your nail growth. This will help us to learn if the growth rate of individuals of different age is same or not?

Please write by clicking “Reply” option below if there are any other factors you think which can affect nail growth?

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@jaikishan can you please describe in detail how to use the image meter app as many previously faced the problem as they could not understand the procedure after reading the app description…


@bivasnag select an arrow line in imagemeter app, place that arrow from point starting to ending point you want to measure. Once you draw the line , you get the reading of measurement of that length.

This is how you can measure distance between any two points using imagemeter.

Could you make a wiki on how to measure using different tools, one of them being image meter. @jaikishan @edurafi

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Not clear at all to a lay man like me!


@bivasnag @Hrushikesh did you try to measure nail ink mark length of your photos using imagemeter?

Please provide feedback, it will help to guide others.

@bivasnag @Hrushikesh @rahil.bhai_007 please follow this link to measure length of your nail growth using image meter:

Looking forward to your feedback.

Yes. We measured the size of nail ink mark length with the help of Image Meter app, which is easily available on Android Play store. I’m attaching photo of data that I uploaded here. For measuring length first we have to set reference scale & then in app at the bottom there is double headed arrow by clicking on it we can just drag pointer from starting point to end point.
By this way we can get measurement in few seconds.

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@Hrushikesh Great! Please upload this photo with details in form of this activity titled ‘How to Measure Nail Growth?’

Please also upload more entries, and share link for everyone to send their nail growth measurements

Please also state objective on what measuring nail growth can help us to study?

@magpie please visit this activity to measure nail growth and submit data…

Eagerly looking forward to entries

@bivasnag did you measure your nail growth? Pls submit the data you have collected so far on nail growth in this activity.

We need to mobilize more cubists to measure their nail growth and submit.

This is the link which gives steps to measure nail growth

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Is it possible to take the picture again with either scale or graph paper or another object with known size at the same plane as the finger? This will make measurement accurate, else we may have to do an estimation.

Where should I send/ submit phot of my nail mark?
And with what written details?