Nail regeneration studies at Homelab Kolkata by BatulP

This study was done by me in Aug 2019.
My hypothesis was that estrogen levels affect nail growth positively. And as estrogen is more in females who are post pubertal and less in wonen post menopausal, I would see decreased nail growth in women ages 45and above in India.Males were also a part of the study as their estrogen levels do not change with age.
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This is just a sample study we need larger samples.We can do this during elections when everyone who votes has ink mark on their nails which remains for a few weeks. As the nail grows the ink mark moves upwards and we can measure this distance every week and share photographs alongside a scale as evidence.
Dr Arunan is our mentor and there have been various collaborators @drishtantmkawale @Theertha @Lakshmy@Priti@Khushi@Shalini and many others.please comment

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References for this study

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Good study with research question to pursue. What could be the reason estrogen levels are linked with nail growth? Is there any evolutionary significance of this phenomenon?