Naturally occuring Transgenic Whitefly and RNA interference

An example of gene being transferred in an inverse manner, from plant to an insect. How can a gene be transferred from a plant to gametic cells of insect?

The paper was shared by @Theertha and discussed in the context of finding of whitefly by @Ichha which says that horizontal gene transfer takes place from plant to insect and gene gets transferred. Here there is an example how we bring frontier research papers being discussed during CUBE discussions.,-April%202021
The research paper says that, they have prepared transgenic tomato plants and made them to produce interference RNA (RNAi) which will be a complementary segment to mRNA of the gene which neutralizes plant toxin present in insect. By this they could prove the presence of BtPMaT1 toxin neutralizing gene present in whitefly insect.

The paper helps us to discuss and understand molecular biology.

The discussion went further to understand the mechanism how gene gets transcribed and how RNAi works to silence the genes.