Nematodes culturing at CHM College, Ulhasnagar

Cubists presented their work on nematodes isolation. Jatin Joshi has started work on nematode isolation at CHM College, Ulhasnagar using Agar and Petridish. Shalini and other cubists have been isolating nematodes in their Home labs using potato medium. @shalinisharma98 explained Jatin how Potato can be a medium similar to agar as a replacement in Home lab. Further, nematodes which may be present in soil is spread around potato slice. Bacteria at the centre can also grow on starch of potato. This will help nematodes to get attracted to bacteria in centre.

The images taken by Jatin are shared below from his college lab.

The video taken by @magpie was screened to show how same nematodes can be observed on potato medium in Home Labs using mobile camera.