Nobel Prize 2019

Nobel Prize 2019
  • William G Kaelin, Sir Peter Ratcliffe and Gregg L Semenza share award for work on how cells adapt to oxygen availability

Today as I came to know that the Nobel prize in medicine awarded to hypoxia researchers it was a surprise for me but at the same time wasn’t as unexpected as it may seem. The discovery of the “switch that turns the response of the body to hypoxia” is a very basic and important discovery in the field. It is something that will strengthen the base of Physiology and help Medicine advance leaps and bounds further by the countless use cases in Medicinal Development.

  • The Research:

Check the link below to learn more about their research.

  • The Nobel Prize also goes to every CUBIST Moina researcher out there.

At CUBE as everyone might know the study of hypoxia and how genes play a role in activating Moina’s response to such conditions and how they regulate hemoglobin formation and what are the exact mechanisms involved is being done since the beginning. Back in 2014 I remember Arunan sir coming at my school lab and telling this boy in 5th std about hemoglobin who hadn’t even seen a picture of a cell or the DNA. From there CUBE and the hypoxia researchers have come a long way. Currently there is research at CUBE being done in epigenetics and the role genes play in hypoxic response. Everyday we are delving deep in the immense stream of knowledge with this vast community. This Nobel prize isn’t just about the researchers but it is also an indication that CUBE is on the right tracks.

  • Someday a CUBIST will surely win a Nobel Prize for his/her research in India something that hasn’t been accomplished since Independence of India in 1947.

The Nobel Prize in one of the topics being researched at CUBE just proved that this dream isn’t that far off and we are on the right track.