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Key points of CUBE Chatshaala discussion(5/4/23)

Are carbohydrates present in a tissue paper?
Cellulose…polymer of glucose.
Lignin, Cellulose- Complex carbohydrates
Rice…Oryza sativa…Its fruit with single seed but rice grains(endosperm) contains starch.

What is difference between wheat flour and rice flour?
Rice- proteins contain low
wheat- proteins(glutain) contain high

Do we eat cellulose?
How animals digest cellulose?

How an earthworm use tissue paper as source of food?
Tissue paper- by product from plants containing cellulose.
acting as source of glucose( C,H,O) for an earthworm.
In gut of earthworm, bacteria(microbes) playing crucial role for fixing nitrogen which help in protein synthesis.

NUTRITIONAL Biotechnology!!:face_with_peeking_eye:
Which are complex corbohydrates present in wheat?
starch…Amylose & Amylopectin
Glucose (Hydrates of Carbon) - C6H12O6
Glycolysis, Oxidoreductase process. Transfer of Carbon molecules from one form to other. 6C breakdown into 2 mol of Pyruvic acid & 2 NADH,2 ATP.

Cattle can digest cellulose because they have cellulose-digesting bacteria called ruminococcus in the rumen. These bacteria produce an enzyme called cellulase that can breakdown cellulose to glucose.
Humans cannot digest cellulose because they lack the enzymes essential for breaking the beta-acetyl linkages. The undigested cellulose acts as fibre that aids in the functioning of the intestinal tract.

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