Open education lightning talks

Those who may be interested:

We have
Tuesday, 8 December: 8:00am – 9:30am (PST – Los Angeles time)

Sue Jones: Cognitively Accessible Math OER
David Wiley: Sustaining and Improving OER
Chris Morrison & Jane Secker: How openness helped us address the challenge of copyright and online teaching at a time of crisis
Nathan Smith: Starting a local consortium to increase collaboration around OER
Yasin Dahi: Learnful: An open platform for OER authoring and collaboration in Canada
Christer Gundersen: Crowdsourcing translation of early grade reading resources at scale
TJ Bliss: Open Education in Idaho Higher Education
Grif Peterson: Increasing equity with OER through learning circles
Friday, 11 December: 7:30am – 9:00am (PST – Los Angeles time)

Judith Sebesta: Texas Learn OER
André Rocha: Fabschools
Suma Parahakaran: Educating for Human Values and Ethics in Schools
Yogesh K S: Wikimedia and MediaWiki in Open Education
Stephen Downes: A Personal Learning Platform
Hugh McGuire: Where can I find Pressbooks books? Why, the Pressbooks Directory
Omshivaprakash: Digital archiving to build OER for local languages
Nate Angell: Open Learning Experience Bingo
Thursday, 17 December: 8:00am – 9:30am (PST – Los Angeles time)

Roxanne Russell: Part you, part text, part machine, all learning
Fernando Daguanno: OER are not always textbooks
Meri McCoy-Thompson: We Are Resilient
Werner Westermann: Offline OER to mitigate learning loss
Sarah Hutton: Open from the Start: Strategies for Integrating OER and Open Pedagogical Practice Into First-Year and General Programs at UMass Amherst
Lance Eaton: The Public Dollar: Finding & Flipping the Value of the Commons
Rajeeb Dutta: Hello Santali
Dan McGuire: Geogebra + Illustrative Mathematics + your LMS = Great Teaching and Learning