Organising a game stall Bal Mela for 4-7year old children

Organising a game stall Bal Mela for 4-7year old children

We had 4 days to plan our game stall for the children’s fair organised by the IAAT teachers for the Khoj Community School.

Starting from scratch we came up with many ideas!


It will be great if you share some of those ideas!

AFAIR This pic shows a billiard like game. Children will use a striker marble, a target marble and a small stick to strike the striker and get it to hit the target and get the target into a hole.
Change the size of of striker marble.
Change the size of target marble.
Change the mass of each.

A fun introduction to momentum, mass, collisions etc

All the games were very interesting.
Playing with and making tanagrams.
Throwing streamlined and not so streamlined objects through multiple barriers of varying shapes.
Programming in scratch while getting ones partner to mime the programme on the floor.
Number + word game where you mimed the word you picked out of a box the number that you picked out from another box.
A shape sorting and counting game where one person carrying a back pack with shaped and coloured objects keeps hopping causing object to fall out and the partner collected and sorted them.
@parulcrajpal do correct me if I am wrong or missed something.