Parallel Physics behind Brain and a Chip, broadly behind biology and electronics!

It appears that there are many parallels between the brain and an electronic chip at multiple levels.
The notion of memory, the notion of electric potential, and consumption of energy!

This started with a discussion triggered by @Arunan to find ways of measuring action potential (Also see this) using some electrodes! In relation, @G_N posted an interesting video and @jaikishan suggested that every cell in our body is a cell (LOL a battery! :smile: ) (See Microbial Fuel Cell)

Also, there was discussion around the efficiency from energy consumption pov by @jtd and @vvcstemplay eventually leading to @jtd saying β€œWhich begs the question what is The nature of memory? Does it even have any resemblance to a computers memory?”.

Open to a wider discussion now with more students to join in! @saida786110 @Manpreetheersskp @Farhan, see if you would be interested in participating.



The current understanding of memory is more like literal storage of past as data!

Interesting rethinking about memory is possible with the embodied notions of cognition! For instance, see this

Thinking about memory as not a clear uncorrupted data, but as a fuzzy feeling of a state of the body (the sensory-motor network) in past!
This opens up fundamental questions of what time is! If there is no change of state, will there be a past? And our pace of time we experience is limited to the frequency of state changes in the body, the other day, GN was mentioned that it is very very low in the human system.

Whereas in a digital system, the possible frequency of state changes is so high!

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