pH Scale [26th July, 2021]

pH Scale

We tried to explore the concept of acidity and basicity along with how to measure it quantitatively using the Phet simulation.


  1. The acidic or basic nature of some common solutions: Water, Battery acid, Chicken Soup, Blood, Coffee, Drain Cleaner, Milk, Hand Soap, Orange Juice, Soda Pop, Spit, Vomit.
  2. How the pH scale and it values can be used to determine the acidic or basic nature of a solution?
  3. Suppose we take a basic solution and started diluting it. What will the pH of the solution at infinite dilution?
    Note: We performed the experiment using the simulation and got the below curve. It can be used as a hint to guess the answer. Also is there any alternative logic to obtain the same answer?
    Screenshot (147)
  4. How to define pH?
  5. Relationship between pH and pOH.
  6. There is no relationship between pH of a solution and it’s color.
  7. Determination of concentration and number of H^+ and OH^- ions in the solution from the pH of the solution.



Collaborators in video resource creation: Professor Savita Ladage, Mursaleen Shaikh, Ravi Sinha, Swarnava Mitra


  1. PhET Interactive Simulations
    University of Colorado Boulder

  2. Desmos Graphing Calculator
    Desmos | Graphing Calculator

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