Phyllanthus as a Model for Biological Rhythm, Insect-Plant Interaction and Gene Transfer studies

Phyllanthus group presented in CUBE National Meet, at Somaiya College.
Phyllanthus plants opens and closes its leaves based on day and night light patterns.

Phyllanthus group with their Model in action during Cube National Meet, Somaiya

Cubists have developed leaf angle titration to find out the end point of opening and leaf closing.

Cubists also explained that there is a controversy surrounding P. niruri characters. Several types of Phyllanthus are considered P.niruri. Therefore, Phyllanthus model helps to understand taxanomy as well. Cubists are saying if we can create a mass campaign to identify and find out true P.niruri in India.

Cubists also explained Whitefly-Phyllanthus interaction. Phyllanthus is a habitat of White fly where it excreta can be found, on this excreta ants and fungus were also found. There are Horiziontal gene transfer studies between white fly and phyllanthus, which is an exceptional example of animal to plant gene transfer.

Similarly cubist @sakshiconsultant2002 also presented how Caterpillar grow on Phyllanthus and feed on its leaves, she is culturing Caterpillar on Phyllanthus leaves.