Plotting function in turtle Graphics

Turtle Graphics has been considered as way to introduce foundational programming concepts in an art-based context. Its potentiality has also been explored by several researchers (Papert, 1980; Abelson and DiSessa, 1981; Newell, 1988) to introduce mathematical ideas in an exploratory way.

The NCF(National Curriculum Framework) 2005 embraces meaningful ways in which ICT can be integrated to teach discipline based subject. However, the seamless integration of turtle Graphics in the mathematics curricula has not been observed. There has been the peripheral introduction to the platform as one of the chapters in Grade 7 and as an independent unit in the ICT module of grade 9.

We attempt to elicit some of the foundational concepts of coordinate geometry using turtle Graphics approach. We demonstrate three examples which are there in the high school mathematics curriculum

plotting a point

Plotting point

plotting a straight line

Plotting straight line - part I

Plotting straight line - part II

plotting a parabola

plotting a parabola

plotting a parabola (scaling the function)

These video are “discourse-based” to help educators analyse and connect various concepts in a conversational settings.

How would you use these in your classroom?
What do you think are the learning opportunities in this?

Looking forward to your feedback and valuable comments.

Facilitated by: @damitr
Collaborators in video resource creation (chatshaala): @ravi312, @G_N, @karnamdpdurga, @SpruhaSumukh, @AsmitaRe @jtd