Polytene chromosome

Polytene chromosome

Do polytene chromosome are found only in order diptera of insecta and if so why??
As it helps in development of larva so other larva must have some other machinery for their development…


Which larvae have polytene chromosomes? How polytene chromosomes are different from normal chromosomes?
What do you mean by role in development? How?

Larvae of insects belonging to order diptera have polytene chromosome in their secretory tissues like malphigian tubules and salivary glands.
Generally a Normal chromosome is composed of a single DNA whereas polytene chromosome is composed of multiple copies of DNA.
More DNA leads to more expression of genes and hence in more protein formation and thus aids in growth of larva.

So my question was basically do insects of other order also have polytene chromosome and if not what aids in more protein formation during their development?

Don’t you think just stating here that

means nothing unless and until you give a good reference for your statement. How would one know if really polytene chromosomes aids in development of larvae without having any literature knowledge. First share the reference @Rupamk and let’s build on this step by step.

In reference to it this is one research paper on polytene chromosome -