Procedure For Making Presentation For Cube National Meet 2022

  1. Visit
  2. Sign Up( If you are new) or log in with Credentials(If you are already a member)
  3. Choose the ‘Wiki’ Category by Clicking here and click on ‘New Topic’
  4. Give the Title to your Thread in the format:
    Model system Name- CUBE National Meet 2022
    For Example Fruitfly- CUBE National Meet 2022
  5. After discussing among the group you have to include different research questions of the same Model system under the same header.
    (No different Thread for different Research Questions)
    For example:- Earthworm Model system has 2 Research question 1) Body Regeneration 2)Ventral Nerve Cord Regeneration, and Misbah is Working on body Regeneration and Iram is working on Ventral Nerve Cord Regeneration, so they will discuss among themselves and include both of there work in a single thread.
  6. Include Photos, Videos of your Homelab, ChatShaala Whiteboard Images, Context to Curriculum Concept Map, and mention Collaborator’s name and their CUBE homelab Location.
    Note: You have to 1st Upload the video on Google Drive. Then Copy the link of the video from Drive and paste it where required.
  7. Click on create topic
  8. After the Topic is Created all team members would be able to edit it.

NOTE:- Newly joined members have to do something(like read some of the existing threads, reply any questions or doubts related to that) so that they graduate to level 1 before they can upload pictures and post topics If the new members have not graduated from 0 level to 1, they cannot create new topics and upload images.

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