Prof. Satyajit Rath talks about immune response

Prof. Satyajit Rath talks about immune response

Recently, the S. P. Pune University conducted a webinar with Prof. Satyajit Rath on immunological considerations in COVID-19.

The full talk is available at:

As usual, his talks are always enjoyable because he talks and explains in a very lucid manner and with impeccable clarity for public understanding.

Enjoyed listening to Prof. Rath’s talk and here is a gist from the webinar.

  • Prof. Satyajit Rath, talks about the causative agent ie Sars-Cov-2 causing COVID-19 disease.

  • Further explains the cytokine storm in relation to the immune response causing inflammation related to loss of function in the tissue.

  • He also continues to explain the two century old and two decade old vaccine principles that are being applied for developing vaccines to contain the infection.

  • He certainly raises skepticism about plasma therapy and herd immunity due to the fact there is no evidence-based on clinical trials to show its efficacy, whether the recovery is from therapeutics or from the person’s immune response itself.

  • Prof. Rath also rephrases the term herd immunity to community immunity and says that to decrease the transmission or outbreak, the community’s immune response efficiency needs to be higher. One of the ways for this is through vaccines.

  • Prof. Rath also talks about repurposing drugs, the use of antibacterial and antiviral medicines that are being considered.

  • As a post COVID-19 state of living conditions, Prof. Rath emphasizes to follow physical distancing, wearing masks, washing hands with soap, etc.