Project 1: Blink - Blink Beep - Beep

Welcome to Project 1: Blink - Blink Beep - Beep

Start by obtaining the required components listed in the link given below. There are basic components list, sufficient for various beginner activities to play with Arduino.

Basic Components List.

The challenge is to interface a led and a buzzer to arduino board (one may also use raspberry pi or some other board) and install arduino IDE to write a program in order to complete the following task:

1. Blink only
2. Blink Beep both together
3. Blink - Beep - Blink - Beep
4. Blink - Blink - Beep - Beep

Duration for completing this stage is 2 days after getting all the basic components in your hand. Completion within the duration of 2 days is preferred. However you may complete the task at your pace.

You can visit the following links for the references:

So ready set go!

Once you are done, report and upload photos and small video of your completed tasks. You can also report on how you obtained components. Is your Led different from others?

You may ask questions whenever required.


Do we have to buy all the materials listed to start with… @Ashish_Pardeshi


Not All but yes the components listed under Basic Component List.

Basic Components List

S.No Components Quantity Tentative cost (Rs)
1 Arduino Uno 1 450
3 Arduino Uno USB cable 1 50
4 Breadboard 1 100
5 Breadboard power supply 1 120
6 Male to female wire 40 1.5 per wire
7 Male to male wire 40 1.5 per wire
8 Female to female wire 40 1.5 per wire
9 LED (multicolor) 20 1 per led
10 Resistor (470 e, 1 k, 10 k) 20 Each 0.5 per resistor
11 5v Buzzer 2 10 per buzzer
12 10 k Potentiometer (with Knob) 2 10 per Pot
13 Push to on switches 10 2 per switch
14 RGB Led 2 5 per RGB
15 9v DC 1 A Adapter 1 100

These components are sufficient for all the basic projects to get grip of Arduino.


If you are in Mumbai, you can visit the makerspace at HBCSE after taking an appointment with @Ashish_Pardeshi. But it is always good to have your own tiny makerspace at your place.