Project 2: Blinky Series

Project 2: Blinky Series

I hope all of you have completed the Project 1: Blink - Blink Beep - Beep and procured all required Basic components.

So Welcome to Project 2: Blinky Series


The challenge is to interface at least 8 leds (max depends on you) to arduino and program it to show different glow patterns on these leds.

Submit four different patterns using your imagination. More than four patterns is appreciated.

Duration for completing this stage is 2 days. Completion within actual duration is appreciated. However you may complete the task at your pace.

You can visit the following links for the references:

So ready set go!

Once you are done, report and upload photos and small video of your completed tasks (interfacing, output, coding, errors while coding and corrective steps, etc).

You may ask questions whenever required.