Project 3: Buzz Sa Re Ga Ma Pa

Project 3: Buzz Sa Re Ga Ma Pa

Welcome to Project 3: Buzz Sa Re Ga Ma Pa

As you have already interfaced buzzer to arduino and generated the beep sound (Project 1: Blink-Blink-Beep- Beep), Cheers for it. But now lets take it a step ahead. The challenge is to write code to generate following tones from the buzzer:

1. Sa Re Ga Ma Pa.
2. Happy Birthday to you.
3. Any musical tone of your choice.

Duration for completing this stage is 2 days. Completion within actual duration is appreciated. However you may complete the task at your pace.

You can visit the following links for the references:

So ready set go!

Once you are done, report and upload photos and small video of your completed tasks (interfacing, output, coding, errors while coding and corrective steps, etc).

You may ask questions whenever required.