Project Ideas/ Thoughts?

Hi folks,

Hope you are having a good time exploring and thinking about your project ideas. It will be nice if you can share more about your experience engaging in the process. It’s fine if you haven’t finalized the project yet, but even if you have some tentative ideas in your mind, feel free to share those. This may also help you find your collaborators as well as get feedback!

These prompts might be useful to think,

  • Which project idea(s) you are keen to work on?
  • Why do you find it interesting?
  • How would you approach it?
  • What would you need to learn to pursue the idea?

Looking forward to the post.


We ( Tushar Garg, Ruchir Jain, Vinay Jain and myself) as a team have come up with an idea for a possible project.
Our idea is related to providing a platform for a decentralized voluntary donation of unused, over-the-counter medicines. We conceptualize a platform where people can voluntarily donate unused medicines to someone in need of it in “their own” community. The importance of such a platform is immense in current times especially during the ongoing pandemic where people are facing issues in procuring medicines. Our aim is to ease out this collaboration process where people in need of help can receive it from relevant people.
Can you suggest something more regarding this?


Hello everyone,
In continuation to the post by Vikas, another idea that we have come up with as a team is to extend the naYana project by developing a complete module to convert various scripts into the naYana script. We intend on using this module to implement multiple use-cases such as

  • chrome extension for converting the text on a webpage to naYana
  • converting documents to naYana
  • converting the text in an image to naYana

If time permits, we would like to develop a place for practicing naYana skills.


You may consider generalizing the idea and make it an app where people could donate anything other than money. For example, clothes, food at times of crisis, unused furniture, desktops and laptops for school students, etc. Of course, the UI and the information we need to seek fro the donor depends on the category of items.


This requires us to develop a corpus for each script based on frequency of usage of terms of each language, and the corresponding mapping to IPA. This corpus will respond to an API query that will respond by providing a map for a list of terms. This is a server side service, while the extension development will be on the client side.

Converting the text in an image to naYana is an OCR project. It may be too much to get into that domain, and it makes the project difficult to complete in less than two months.

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Hi everyone,
I’ve got some experience with NLP and machine learning. I find the naYana project interesting and can contribute to that.


Respected Sir,
We would like to go ahead with the naYana project based on your ideas. Can you recommend us some resources for the same? Also, what next steps should we undertake in this regard?

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Another idea that Aakanksha, Yashank, Suhaas, Shivangi, Arnav and me were considering is that of a gamified website for learning and exploring naYana script.

  • making process of learning naYana interactive and fun.
  • users can login and save their progress.
  • using google translate api to convert any language script to naYana.

We had a question regarding naYana. How is the QWERTY keyboard input in the UDHR section of the documentation mapped?


I can this through an orientation meeting with the team. Shall we meet tomorrow (5th June at 9am). I will get busy after 11 am till 6 pm in the evening. I can orient you to what has already been done, and how to go about the project.


Hi Everyone, I would like to put forth our project idea. The team comprises of Vatsal, Racchit, Yashank and Shivangi. The project description is as follows:

  • A platform to connect NGOs to donors.
  • The system has three modules namely, moderator, donor and NGO. Moderator can login using credentials and manage the request raised by NGO by approving or rejecting it. Approval will be done after verifying the documents uploaded by the NGO. Moderator will get the report of NGOs that receive donations. NGOs can register and raise requests by uploading documents. Once moderator gives the approval, they can login using the credentials. NGO in need can raise request to the registered donors. They can view the previous donations as well.
  • Donors can add pictures and description of their donations.
  • Items are given tags to facilitate easier search.
  • Using an in-built chat system, NGO’s can communicate with donors via our portal and vice versa.

We are looking forward to guidance from your side. We request you to assign us a mentor and schedule a meeting soon.


Today we have been working on the naYana mapping to Hindi. Here is the link to the notes from our current progress -
These notes also have some ambiguities and problems that we faced while mapping the characters and possible solutions. We want to discuss them in the next meet.


Link to the notes for the project ‘Progressive Web App for Teaching naYana script’ :

This week we are working on exploring different ideas for the gamified experience and deciding the layout and design of the website. We will be updating these notes with our doubts and progress.

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Here is the link to my notes for the project "OCR System for the naYana script:

This week I will work on creating the dataset and exploring different ways to effectively generate the data and figuring out what kind of data (handwritten, machine generated, amount of variations etc) needed to train the OCR model.

The link to notes for the project ‘I CARE’ :
This week we are planning to explore discourse and prepare a basic UI for the website.

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